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There are 16 types of People in this World - Which one is - you?

Ever walked into a room full of unknown people and still felt comfortable? Ever worked on a class project as part of a team whose members were so different from each other that you almost didn’t know where to begin? Do you often rank people to be ‘your kind’ and you’re your kind’ only to realize later that you are doing this segregation on a gut feel and no scientific formula? Ever wondered - "What is my personality type?" Well, you will be happy to know - that there is a science that defines this. There is a method to this madness of classifying people according to their inherent characteristics, behavioural patterns and the way they process information. This science-based on a theory b...

From Panama to Pandora: Leaked papers that tell the real story of the Rich & the Famous

11.5 million financial and legal records exposing the ugly truth behind the glitz and glamour of the uber-rich – so were defined in the Panama papers when they were uncovered in the year 2016. 214,488 offshore entities belonging to wealthy individuals across 200 countries revealing secret bank accounts, lavish assets, shadow businesses and shell companies in over 21 tax-avoiding outposts ranging from Singapore to the British Virgin Islands – The Panama papers did some severe damage, atleast from the looks of it. “History’s biggest data leak,” screamed The Guardian. “This is an earthquake, the aftershocks will continue for years to come,” prophesized CNN. “Only a glimpse into the...

Your favourite Dais World wins Indian Achievers’ Award-The Most Promising Startup 2021

When information is King, communication is what the people seek. Communication - that is timely, accurate and concise – enough to be updated and adequate to base your decisions when the time comes. But in the effort to ace the timeliness, one often forgets that accuracy and conciseness were to be accounted for too. We didn’t, we stayed on course and strong-headed as we remained on oath every day to not let mediocre in. Now, amongst a selected group of nominees carefully handpicked by an esteemed jury, Dais World was chosen for the prestigious Indian Achievers’ Award for The Most Promising Startup of 2021.  Now, is the time when after the momentary floating sensation under the delight o...

The Future is Female - Are You a Feminist?

‘Feminism’ What is the first thought that comes to your mind while you read this word? Would you believe if we told you that while the textbook definition may be one; opinions, notions and understandings around this word vary for each one of us? So then, are you a feminist? The answer to this question rarely stops at a yes or no. It either comes with an emphatic Yes followed by an expression that makes you feel why you ask such a rhetorical question. Or with a strong Absolutely Not – equating all feminists to man-haters who need to stop complaining and get down to some real work. Dig a little deeper, and you will often realize that the arguments on either side don’t hold mu...


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