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The Incredible Rise of The Indian Chess Grandmasters

“Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy.”  -Siegbert Tarrasch Chess is India’s gift to the world. It is believed that the game initially originated here in the 8th century and since then has taken over the world like a storm.  When we think of the term ‘Grandmaster,’ names like the national hero Vishwanathan Anand and Bobby Fischer for the cult classic ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ pop into our heads. But how does one achieve the rank of a Grandmaster? The world chess organization FIDE rewards this title to the chess players they find worthy by analysing ratings and a lot more. Other than the World Champion, Grandmaster is the highest title a player co...

The Untold Insecurities Behind The Influencer Culture

A glittery world that runs on the currency of insecurities. “We are the product. Our attention is the product that is being sold to the advertisers.” – Justin Rosenstein, Co-Founder of Asana, former engineer at Facebook and Google. If you are a social media buff, then in all probability you have spent hours scrolling your Instagram feed, wishing for the perfect abs or that dream job or maintaining a balanced diet with kale juice and avocados which everyone seems to be eating! We all have our fair share of self-guilt, crying out into the void- WHY IS MY LIFE NOT PERFECT ENOUGH?! But, here’s the twist. What if that impending feeling of ‘not being good enough is an algorithmically...

New-age Fintech versus the Big Daddies of Banking

‘Ye Sab Doglapan Hai,’ said the wise Shri Ashneer Grover on his swan song Shark Tank before the dreaded call with Kotak started his downfall. His attitude and suavity had a sense of naturalness to itself. As if he were born to rule. Until that point, when his shares in Nykaa didn’t get allotted. All hell broke loose as he unleashed ungodly wrath on an unsuspecting Kotak Banker just because they couldn’t secure IPO funding for him. Now we would say in hindsight, ‘Aren’t you glad?’ considering where the share price has dropped to today, but let's keep that for another day. For the moment, let's understand what happened here. A swashbuckling Co-founder of a snazzy dream startup that went to...

10 National Issues the Opposition could use against BJP in the upcoming elections

In November 2020, hundreds of thousands of farmers in India took to the streets, protesting the new farm laws. They rallied for months, (one year, four months, and two days to be precise) protesting 3 agricultural laws that were enacted on September 20 by the BJP-led government. The standoff between the farmers and the Indian government continued to intensify during this time. As the government argued the changes will give farmers more freedom, farmers feared the new laws will cut their product prices with no means to protect them against the corporate takeover and inescapable exploitation. The resistance, strength, hope, fearlessness, and success, everything that this protest stood fo...


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